We believe the most successful salespeople – those who cultivate customer loyalty, enjoy mutually respectful relationships with colleagues and exceed their plan year over year – are born with a mix of sales-oriented core characteristics… then embrace training, development and ongoing support to Succeed… Prosper… and Thrive!

Our Sales Training Program is comprised of two components… Classroom Training & Ongoing Support. Each session is interactive, engaging and fun!… with tools and knowledge that can be implemented for increased success the very next day.

Classroom Training

We provide a structured, industry-specific sales training curriculum, in which the classes are designed as building blocks… moving from fundamental sales skills to more advanced sales skills as time goes on.  We reinforce previously taught concepts in the subsequent classes, layering on additional content as the previous concepts have been implemented and internalized.

Ongoing Support

We provide a group coaching call on a monthly basis for those participating in the sales training program. Coaching groups will be specific to each classroom group. The coaching helps reinforce the concepts taught and overcome challenges as they arise, as well as proactively guide the sales skills development process.  

Although the Foundational Series followed by the Advanced Series is designed for optimal results, alternate sales training programs can be customized based on specific needs.

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